Hollywood Con Queen Podcast expose Suspect Rip-off She’s A He – .

The infamous scammer known as Hollywood Con Queen has chased aspiring members of the Hollywood community who were drawn to Jakarta where they are segregated from their savings. The scammer who used the identity of well-respected Hollywood executives may not be able to operate under the guise of deception much longer. Tonight in its ninth and penultimate episode, the podcast Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen reveals the identity of a person who the creators call the prime suspect.

We’ll leave the podcast to reveal the identity of the alleged perpetrator, but it isn’t too much of a spoiler warning to reveal that the alleged perpetrator, the “Queen,” is actually a man of Indonesian descent in whom he lives Kingdom. A master of accents with the ability to disguise his voice so that it sounds masculine or feminine, the person has so far successfully posed as a group of female Hollywood moguls and other males and females who actually work in business. The scammer has attracted aspiring filmmakers, security advisors, physical trainers, and hair and makeup workers who have been forced to travel to Jakarta with promises of employment. There they made money available for things with the promise of a refund that never came about. It sounds like a tough hook to gulp on the surface, but when you look at one of the first pieces of the scam released by . in 2018, which features firsthand statements from victims and close victims, the scam seems plausible and gruesome its the way it pursued the hopes and ambitions of people who saw a chance to step up the Hollywood food chain. Worse still, the victims led the deceiver to others in their circle as trust was built, resulting in new victims. It was a scam made all the more plausible by the polished handover of the person who claims to be a powerful Hollywood woman like Amy Pascal, Sherry Lansing, Stacey Snider, or Gigi Pritzker. The actual women were horrified to learn that their identities had been used for nefarious purposes. The victims were asked to sign NDAs, so they did not go to the real movie people to see if the opportunity that had been sold to them was legitimate.

Hollywood Con Queen podcast set as the first series in the deal between Sony Music and Sister-Backed Campside

Podcast hosts Josh Dean and Vanessa Grigoriadis were obsessed with finding the culprit, who has so far operated from the shadows. Here’s a snippet of the scammer pretending to be director Doug Liman that the podcast’s creators shared with . when trying to hook the hook on an actor who worked with the podcast to get the suspect out . Ultimately, these efforts worked. The podcast series is well worth checking out, and according to the producers, the FBI and international law enforcement agencies will get closer to the suspect soon.


Can a Con Queen series also thrive with Tiger King dedicated to viewing appointments? Andy Horwitz of Atlas Entertainment and Charles Mastropietro of Circle of Confusion, who helped identify the suspect, will soon be testing the water. “Since the podcast was published, there has been an enormous amount of noise during the elections and COVID,” said Horwitz. “We didn’t want to try to package a TV show at a time when everyone was distracted. So we let the podcast roll and created an audience.”

The podcast has built its own momentum and has over a million downloads.

“We received an enormous number of incoming calls from showrunner agents and representatives of the writers asking if we had considered making a series of it,” said Horwitz. “We’re just starting to talk to writers about what that would look like. We think there should be a documentary series too, and our goal is to find a home for both of them. In a perfect world, it would be the same buyer and the same platform. Netflix got Tiger King and Amazon got the script series, and if I am a buyer I would take both. A documentary creates a large audience for a script show that can come out six months later. “

The tenth and final episode will fall on December 3rd, adding the chaos created by naming the suspect. The hope of those involved is that some of the people who have been betrayed and have lost money and hope can join the series. While the con man developed a series of bogus productions that were not real and only spawned heartbreak, broken dreams and empty wallets, it would be ironic if the con man became the catalyst for real projects populated by victims who may get something back the money they lost.

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