Hollywood To Get Its Personal Drive-In Motion pictures At Egyptian Theatre Lot – .

The pandemic-triggered national revival of the classic American drive-in theater continues, and even Los Angeles’ dense Hollywood neighborhood is kicking in.

Arena Cinelounge Sunset supports the Arena Cinelounge Drive-in Hollywood. The venue is behind the landmark Egyptian Theater in the heart of Hollywood on 1625 North Las Palmas Avenue and is said to be open seven days a week.

The first screening will be on December 1, 2020 with Wander, a thriller starring Aaron Eckhart, Katheryn Winnick, Heather Graham, Roger Dorman and Tommy Lee Jones.

“Our goal is to bring the same bespoke charisma that Arena Cinelounge is known for as an independent theater into the drive-in experience,” owner Christian Meoli told NBC News. “We are pleased to be able to exhibit and curate again and look forward to continuing to offer the audience new, classic and culturally relevant content.”

Other films on the program include the 2002 documentary The Weather Underground and Breach, starring Bruce Willis and Thomas Jane.

Art installations, laser light shows by DJ Lino Meoli and popcorn are also on the drive-in menu. Admission is $ 40 per car (up to five moviegoers). Masks are required when you need to leave your vehicle.

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