Idris Elba Exhibits Off His Rapping Abilities By Dropping A Few Bars In A New Video

Roommate, Idris Elba is not only a talented actor but he is known for taking up microphone and demonstrating his rap skills. In a newly released video, Idris spoiled fans with some freestyle beats for an uplifting song called “Gospel 21”.

Idris Elba leads away from a film set in 2021 and into the recording booth instead. He has just released the official music video for his song “Gospel 21”, which was written on New Years Eve.

In the song, Idris grumbles about his philosophy for 2021 – while carefully emphasizing the importance of persevering, being courageous and moving forward after leaving the horrific 2020 behind. “Forget all the Maybes, bring the power up,” he spits.

The video was shot by Idris himself and shows him on a terrace while images from last year are edited, including clips of the global pandemic, protests against police brutality and more.

As we previously reported, under the contract with COVID-19, he suggested that everyone should quarantine at least a week a year to remind themselves of the devastating effects of the virus. “I think the world should quarantine a week each year to remember that time. Remember each other I really do, ”said Idris.

“It’s been about six weeks for us from the start to this point, which is essentially about our lives,” he said. “Definitely scary and unsettling and nervous. And I think that was like a real collective world experience. You know everyone feels the way we felt, but it was definitely just a complete upheaval. “

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