‘I’m VERY Relieved’: De Niro Thanks God For Trump’s Loss, Worries About Extra Evil Future President

Well, Robert De Niro can finally put his middle fingers away, at least for the moment, now that Donald Trump is the obvious loser in the 2020 presidential election. Even so, De Niro complained to MSNBC that he was concerned about the arrival of a political leader who could be even more destructive than the current president.

Speaking to MSNBC’s Ari Melber, the godfather and taxi driver was relieved that the only pain in his cozy Hollywood life, Donald Trump, is finally on his way out of office. The media agree that they will have their field day.

It was clearly four stressful years for De Niro. He was so angry with the American leadership that he came on stage at the Tonys to say, “Fuck Trump,” and was angry enough that the Republicans rejected Dems ‘fake impeachment that he’d “Fuck’ em with Brian Stelter “said on Reliable Sources.

“I’m relieved, um, very, very relieved,” the 77-year-old actor told Melber on November 9th. “As I keep saying, it’s like being in an abusive relationship.” That is interesting. Perhaps Trump tweets really did have a personal impact on De Niro’s Hollywood life. Who should we accept?

De Niro addressed the abusive relationship point, claiming, “We don’t know what’s going on, nobody knows. From one day to the next – I don’t even think he knows what’s going on. “Apparently De Niro wants the country to be run according to the Democratic Party’s talking points because they are so transparent and never turn out to be lies.

“Thank God, that’s all,” De Niro said, completing his first point. “We have that behind us. We will have many other problems – that’s normal, you have them – but if you don’t behave within certain parameters, certain rules, it doesn’t make sense to have any – what we have in this country. ”

Um what? What ever. Although there is no real code that Trump violated and the allegations they charged him with or started a Russiagate conspiracy were false. De Niro just doesn’t like Trump and that’s about it.

The lead actor of Raging Bull then wondered if Trump would leave the office “gracefully”, which the actor admitted that he “doesn’t think he will”. De Niro said he believed Trump would only leave after he was forced to leave and then he would “save face” by accusing Dems of manipulating it.

Despite the drama, De Niro claimed he was “very relieved” but said the only thing that worried him was that someone would come along who will be evil like Trump but more successful at it. “There will be other people like him in the future, maybe not in my life, but… someone will come along who is much smarter, more sensitive, more mercury-containing and not as coarse, and who will be able to pull the wool over the eyes Publicity. “

“Then we’ll have deeper problems,” concluded the actor. Yes, maybe this candidate will be so much evil that he will oversee the end of abortion, the completion of the border wall and an even better economy. Ugh, it scares us the hell, that’s for sure.

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