India Love Explains Why She Does not Like When Folks Inform Her To Pull Up Her Masks

India Love used social media to explain to her followers why she doesn't like people telling her to pull up her mask.

As you all know, we are still living in a global pandemic, which means that face masks are very important when we are in public and surrounded by other people.

On Saturday, model and influencer India Love took to her Instagram to let her followers know how she feels when someone tells her to pull up her mask when she already has her mask on.

She said, “If you ever work for a company, a company and my mask, tell me to put on my mask. First of all, that whole part of my face is very wet for some reason, ”as she continued to put her hand on the lower part of her face.

India continued, “Really, I get this biggest damn attitude in the world because I’m soaked. My mask is technically on, but it’s just not good enough for you guys. It doesn’t matter. Coronavirus can go through your eye sockets, it can go through your fucking ears if it really is like a thing in the air. “

She explained to her followers that she personally doesn’t like rules.

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TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @ Jade_Ashley94

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