Invoice Maher Rails At Voter Suppression; Days Rudy Giuliani “Will get To Eat The Flies That Land On Mike Pence’s Head” – .

Bill Maher Friday likened Democrats trying to vote to an obstacle course competition show “where a contestant has to traverse a terrain of giant bouncy balls and slippery balance beams and swing on damn ropes like Tarzan.”

“When I saw this and watched Ricardo lose sight of a foam roller, it occurred to me that this is exactly what our voting systems have become. It’s American Ninja – Democracy Edition … Try to move forward without getting struck off the electoral roll! Said the host of HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher.

“For people who say that both parties are essentially the same, voter suppression is the worst example that is not true. This is 100% a Republican thing. They know that their policies are not that popular, so they seek out an effective, proven policy tactic known as fraud. I can’t get you to vote for me, but maybe I can stop you from voting for the other. “He presented Texas with just one ballot box to 2.7 million registered voters in Harris County, home of Houston.

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As November 3 loomed, Maher revisited voters, which worried him too, especially when Americans recently learned that some states do not need voters to support the candidate who wins the referendum. He expressed guest Ben Sheehan, author of OMG WTF. Does the Constitution actually say? for clarity. Voters will declare this by December 8th, so things should be clear by the 9th, Sheehan hopefully predicted.

Maher wondered how Americans could force Trump to leave if he was losing and not. “Do you think American citizens are capable of a general strike? Like in France? .. If I don’t get a baguette. “

Rudy Giuliani – last seen how he “put on his shirt” in a bed in Borat Subsequent MovieFilm and shortly before tried to find a new Biden conspiracy – was betrayed. “Because you want to deal with high-tech corruption in the former Soviet Union. Someone who can be fooled by Borat? “

Giuliani “claims he works for Trump for free,” Maher said, “never takes money. His only compensation is that he can eat the flies that land on Mike Pence’s head.”

Maher dodged politics a few times and had a virtual chat with Matthew McConaughey about Greenlights’ new memoir. McConaughey had to go without film offers for 20 months – including one for $ 14.5 million that he didn’t want to name but described as never made – as a Hollywood exile to finally get non-rom-com roles in which he was wasn’t shirtless on the beach. After he disappeared, “I became the new, good idea,” he said.

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