James Wright Chanel From The Notorious ”Patti Pies” Video Speaks

Roommate five years ago the world was introduced to James Wright Chanel with Patti LaBelle’s infamous “Patti Pie”. His hilarious review went viral and is still something we like today, especially during the holiday season. James let Patti pies fly off the shelves and everyone and her mom went to Walmart to try and grab one. People even went so far as to sell them on Craigslist.

No vacation is complete without Patti Pie, and we have to double check James’ name because he’s the cause of it! You might be wondering what he’s been up to since he went viral and became a household name. His life has changed a lot. He’s now a celebrity chef, singer, and even starred in a BET movie.

James tosses it in the kitchen and uploads cooking videos to his YouTube channel. Roommate, you will know we love to spill tea with you. You may get a chance to see James’ food soon. He exclusively told us that he was going to open a restaurant.

Some of you may have caught James with his BFF Tamar Braxton on the shows “Tamar and Vince” and “Braxton Family Values” on WeTV. The two have an amazing friendship and they both love to sing together. We may wait a little longer for a musical collaboration between the two of them, but James has a new single, “Walked Out”, which is available on all streaming platforms.

One question everyone is asking is whether Patti and James are still in contact. James assured us it is them! James said, “Right now, my relationship with Patti is so epic. It’s so epic, it’s like my other mother’s. “

We can’t leave out good advice for someone who has ever gone viral in order to keep their success going. James said, “Push and push and keep pushing until you can’t push anymore.” If you feel like a door is not opening, slide your way through, climb through those windows, and do whatever it takes to survive. “

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