Jimmy Kimmel Dubs Joe Biden “The Frasier Of Presidencies” – .

Jimmy Kimmel enjoyed his “first full day of trumplessness” by calling Joe Biden “the frasier of the presidencies”. In the right sense.

“Joe Biden was one of the most popular supporting characters in the Obama administration,” Kimmel joked on Jimmy Kimmel Live !, “And now he’s got his own show. Basically, this is the frasier of the presidencies.” The ‘spin-off presidency’, said Kimmel, feels familiar, calming and warm.

Other reasons to celebrate, Kimmel said: The Pentagon has put the real nuclear codes back into football, Dr. Fauci “seemed happy to be out of captivity,” and QAnon’s prophecies were dashed. Kimmel showed a selection of social media messages from disappointed conspirators: “Well, I’m my family’s official mockery now.”

Kimmel concludes his first Trumplessness Era monologue by welcoming singer Rufus Wainwright, who performs a “21-Pun Salute” song that includes many of JKL’s many nicknames given to Trump over the past four years, including classics like “The Hydroxy Horror Picture Show”. and “Quid Pro Combover”.

Observe the entire segment above. The Frasier reference comes in at about 2:20 am, and Wainwright starts his song at 11:20 am.

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