Jordyn Woods Seemingly Calls Out Skai Jackson For Allegedly Bullying Her Sister Jodie Woods—Skai Says She & Jodie Are High-quality

Roommates, as you by now know, the celeb drama rarely takes a day off – and this time the newest beef surrounds Jordyn Woods, her little sister Jodie Woods and Skai Jackson. Jordyn posted a video on social media clarifying that anyone who continues to harass their sister online should stop before she deals with it. Many assume that she spoke directly to Skai Jackson … and Skai responded with a clarity of its own.

In her video posted on Instagram, Jordyn Woods said the following about her sister Jodie, who was allegedly bullied:

“I say things to my little sister. And don’t realize that you are really talking to a minor and that you are an adult. And if I have to do something, I will do it. Because we’re going to let it slide and slide and slide – and I’m sure you’re here right now – and it won’t slide for too long. So keep it up and it will be a problem because I don’t have to mess with people who mess with my family, especially if you are much older than them. And don’t let me make it public because I will. And I don’t play at all. So just say keep it up “

Just a short time later, Skai Jackson came back with her own answer, telling a very different story:

“Jodie Woods and I have never had a problem. We have spoken and we are confused about this false drama. And it’s very sick. Please leave us alone! Let’s go … make up stories and don’t turn anything into anything … give me a break! “

In case you have no idea what Skai, 18 years old, and Jodie’s rumors are, it looks like it’s all about Solange Knowles’ 16-year-old son Juelz, who used to be with Skai and has reportedly moved on to Jodie, who is 15 years old.

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