Justin Bieber Is Shirtless And Tattooless In Anone Video With Zoey Deutch

Justin Bieber’s new video for “Anyone” is out and the song is quickly climbing all the music charts. Justin plays alongside actress Zoey Deutch in the video in which the 26-year-old star plays a boxer. Justin’s fans know the “yummy” singer is covered in tattoos, but he had been sitting in the makeup artist’s chair for a long time when his tattoos were covered up. In the video, Justin appeared shirtless and without a tattoo, for a look that many of his fans were not used to.

Many have compared the video to the Sylvester Stallone film series “Rocky” and Zoey as his loyal partner, who stood by his side through the ups and downs and always believed that Rocky was the greatest in the world. There is a lot of indirect evidence that Justin Rocky and Zoey is the character Adrian. The video also reveals a strong seventies aesthetic, including the truck shown in multiple shots.

Collin Tilley made the music video, which quickly garnered more than 13 million YouTube views. While many fans loved the video and the tribute to Sylvester’s Oscar-nominated film, they also loved watching Justin shirtless or tattooed.

You can see the video for Justin BieberHit “Anyone” below.

A lot of people call Justin Bieber’s video for “Anyone” a knockout hit, as the song proves yet again that Justin is a world class champion when it comes to music. He looked amazing in the video and even showed a behind-the-scenes video showing the process it took to cover up his sixty-plus tattoos.

It took two makeup artists, constantly searching for Justin’s tattoos, to get the job done. Since Justin and his wife Hailey Bieber are Calvin Klein models, it was only fitting that he wore his Calvin Klein underwear to the makeup session.

You might see the video of Justin Bieber covering up his tattoos for the “Anyone” video below.

Justin Bieber covered his tattoos for #Anyone pic.twitter.com/Pv6viUMIih

– BestCelebrityPhotos (@ BestCelebrityP1) January 2, 2021

What do you think of Justin Bieber’s new video for “Anyone”? Were you surprised to see Justin shirtless and without tattoos?


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