Kanye West Accepts Shedding Presidential Election, Hints He’ll Be Working Once more In 2024

Kanye West accepts he won't win the 2020 presidential election but teases a run of 2024.

Kanye West had some premieres on Tuesday. He revealed that it was his first time voting for the President of the United States and did not surprise anyone when he revealed that he had voted for himself.

He also experienced his first loss in a presidential race. After receiving an estimated 50,000 votes, Kanye West seemed to accept that his shot in the White House (for 2020 at least) is long over.

They tweeted a graphic of his silhouette against a map of the US with the words “WELP KANYE 2024”, teasing another presidential campaign in four years.

To be clear, it was understood that Kanye’s attempt to win the presidential election did not exist, especially given the fact that he did not vote in several states, including South Carolina, where he held his first presidential assembly.

Check out some of the highlights of the rally:

Despite reports that GOP activists backed Kanye’s campaign, rumors rose that his political stint was to split the votes in favor of his friend Donald Trump. Kanye marched on.

He celebrated when he believed he had an early head start in the state of Kentucky only to find out the numbers he shared were wrong.

Despite all the ups and downs in Yes’s campaign, it looks like he’s ready to do it again in four years. Maybe next time Kanye will file early.

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