Karl-Anthony Cities Reportedly Already Positive He Needs To Marry Jordyn Woods!

Karl Anthony Cities is super in love with Jordyn Woods and some inside reports claim to know that he is so sure that she is who he would marry her now! The Minnesota Timberwolves player is just as excited about the model!

As you may know, the two were friends for a long time before they met. So it really feels like they’re a match made in heaven.

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Their romance was confirmed back in September, and a source tells HollywoodLife that the man is already looking to work towards marriage with Jordyn.

‘Last year Karl went through hell dealing with family tragedies as well as his own Covid diagnosis and was hit by a drunk driver. Through all of that and more, Jordyn was the main thing that kept him afloat. ‘they ate.

The NBA player’s mother tragically lost her life in April after contracting COVID-19, and he also battled the dangerous virus himself in January of this New Year.

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Fortunately, Jordyn was there for him throughout all of this and he couldn’t be more grateful.

“The love he has for her and the love he knows she has for him really touched him in ways he has never felt before. Once things get back to normal, he will get engaged to her and they will work towards marriage because it means so much to him. It has been his rock for the past few months and he will never forget it and cherish it forever, ”the insider told the news agency.

Another source also stated through the same website that the reason their love is so strong is because it has arisen naturally since they were friends before.

They didn’t seem to play games and were real with each other from the start.


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