Kelly Clarkson’s Former Husband Brandon Blackstock Responds To Her Lawsuit Claiming He Defrauded Her Out Of Tens of millions Of {Dollars} In His Personal Authorized Paperwork!

Kelly Clarkson sued her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock but now the man denies all of the allegations she made against him in the lawsuit! Read what the Talent Manager has to say in response!

Blackstock not only denies the allegations, but also insists that Kelly does not owe Clarkson any “relief” in his counter documents.

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The papers were first filed with the California Labor Commission in November and are now available from HollywoodLife.

This update comes after Kelly accused her ex-husband of millions of dollars cheating on her after Brandon and his father’s Starstruck Management Company, Narvel Blackstock, claimed Kelly owed them $ 1.4 million in commissions.

Kelly then accused Brandon of charging “irresponsible fees and compensations” for allegedly “illegal services” during the years he headed it (2007-2020).

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According to the talk show host, her ex and former father-in-law were “unlicensed California talent agents.”

Brandon, on the other hand, argues that he actually doesn’t owe his ex-wife any money in the latest court documents received by the news agency.

He insists that he and his father “are not entitled to any relief” and that they are “not regulated” under the Talent Agencies Act because they did not perform their services in California.

And that’s not all! The estranged husband also tried to block her petition, arguing that it was far too late for such demands.

“The petition is statute barred by the one year statute of limitations under Section 1700.44 (c) of the California Labor Code,” the documents posted on the website read in part.

It did so after Brandon’s attorney posted a statement through the same news agency stating, “The workforce is ignoring the fact that Kelly had her own licensed talent agency, CAA. While the Starstruck Management Group provided management services on their behalf, CAA was their agency at all times. It is unfortunate that Kelly tries again to avoid paying commissions due, and it is thanks to Starstruck that she is trying to get a perceived advantage in her custody and divorce proceedings. ‘


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