Kenosha Capturing Suspect-Kyle Rittenhouse-Launched On $2M Money Bond (Replace)

On Friday, teenage thug Kyle Rittenhouse, who allegedly killed two people in a Jacob Blake protest in Wisconsin, was released on a $ 2 million bond. He received millions of dollars in donations through a legal protection fund, according to @apnews.

“A legal protection fund for him attracted millions in donations, and his mother received a standing ovation from women at a GOP event in Waukesha County in September.”

As previously reported, investigators said Rittenhouse was armed with an assault weapon and had traveled from his hometown of Antioch, Illinois to “defend” corporations from the ongoing protests, while others believe he traveled to Kenosha to attack protesters .

Rittenhouse was arrested and charged on multiple charges, including willful murder, reckless endangerment, and minor in possession of a firearm. According to AP News, Wisconsin does not allow minors to carry a weapon unless it is used for hunting.

Videos on the night of the Rittenhouse shooting show explain why he came to Wisconsin from Antioch. “We protect ourselves from the citizens and I have just got pepper sprayed by a person in the crowd,” says Rittenhouse in the video.

If you recall, Jacob Blake was shot and killed by Kenosha police while trying to get into his vehicle. Last month he was released from the hospital and entered a rehab facility. Because of the incident, he is reportedly paralyzed from the waist down.

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