Keri Hilson Defends Herself After Being Dragged For Talking Out Towards Donald Trump’s Twitter Suspension

Many people do not feel the energy of Ms. Keri Baby today, and all because of a statement she made against censorship in response to Donald Trump’s Twitter account being permanently banned.

Keri Hilson is not new to making controversial statements. She was once called out for irresponsibly sharing 5G-related conspiracy theories about the coronavirus and is back on social media defensive after warning that Trump’s Twitter account lockdown is dangerous Wading waters.

In her first message, Keri shared a screenshot of Trump’s suspended account and talked about the risk of compromising freedom of speech.

She wrote: “That may be funny, but it’s also a little dangerous. Take Trump out for a moment. A democracy must include free speech. Imagine if other leaders or popular figures could not speak their minds if they opposed the majority of world leaders. “

She continued, “Our freedom of speech is being taken from us. Slowly but surely (censorship). If the leader of the free world can be removed, envision the same right of civilians. Imagine believing every time you “discover false information” and read fraudulent propaganda reports. And lies are the only thing we see “

The folks on social media didn’t waste time following Keri to follow her message.

“Keri Hilson shows us every day that we were right to end her career,” wrote a Twitter user.

“Does Keri Hilson know, whenever the president wants to communicate with the American people, that he can literally call a press conference in his home? That’s why more people need to read, ”wrote another.

But Keri tells us that her message was misinterpreted and she shot back her critics by stepping into the shadows to further explain her message. Read what she wrote below:

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