Kim Kardashian Formally Recordsdata For Divorce – Confirming Months Of Rumors In The Course of

A new report from Page 6 revealed what people have been talking about for months – Kanye West and Kim Kardashian officially get divorced. The point of sale says they can confirm that the family attorney went to the courthouse to file the documents. This doesn’t come long after Kim and Kanye reportedly began segregating all of their most precious assets, including real estate and more.

According to page 6, Kanye and Kim were married for seven years and had several children during their time together. This Friday, Page Six reported, Laura Wasser filed the court documents confirming the rumors.

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As reported back in January of this year, Kardashian and the 41-year-old rapper were in talks about a divorce. While many people thought they were just rumors, it turns out that they are finally breaking up.

It was just mentioned above that Kanye and Kim were seen in public with Kim waiving their wedding ring while Kanye chose to wear his silence. Kim has sought joint custody of her children, including Psalm, Saint, Chicago, and North.

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Kanye hit the headlines earlier this year when sources stated the rapper was not doing well. The insider shared how the performing artist finally realized his wife had had enough and was ready to walk out the door.

Of course, the past year and a half have been a particularly turbulent time for both of them. But it was Kanye’s announcement that he would run for the presidency that really changed everything, sources noted.

It created such a huge gap between them that Kim realized it was finally time for her to move on. In addition, it drew attention to the way in which Kanye wanted something different for the family, something that was far from what she had envisioned.

Being the President of the United States of America brings a different kind of fame to a person’s life, and that brings with it a lot more stress and pressure not to make mistakes.


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