Kumail Nanjiani Will get Physique Shamed After Posting Vacation Pics Amid False Accusations He Took Steroids!

Kumail Nanjiani shared some pictures over the holiday and they started a body shameful conversation that revolved around his body! Check out the pictures and what the fans had to say!

It all started with the actor posting some snaps with him and his 14 year old wife, Emily V. Gordon!

The two spent Christmas without the rest of their family due to social distancing rules amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but they still seemed very happy to have each other on this special day.

The photos showed Kumail in the best shape of his life, but also some of the most popular comfort dishes he and his wife had enjoyed for Christmas.

It all looked cozy and cute, but some social media users couldn’t help but share their thoughts on his body Twitter Poster goes so far as to call it “grotesque” and argue that it is not what a man should look like!

As you may know, the actor and comedian gained muscle and completely changed his physique for his role in Eternals.

It turns out, however, that not everyone is a fan of Fit Kumail or a Fit Man.

Commenting on his transformation, one user said, “The Kumail Nanjiani thing really makes me sad. Our culture has created a system where people try to adhere to some impossible standards of beauty until they just become unrecognizable, and then we ridicule and shame them. Men are not exempt from this. ‘

They continued, “We make it so that performance-enhancing drugs or even plastic surgery are all but mandatory for some professions or beauty standards, but it’s still off-limits to admit them. Too little of these things and you’re ugly, just a hair too many of them and you’re grotesque. It’s a nightmare. ‘

This was the first tweet that sparked an entire conversation about body embarrassment and beauty standards!

Another user argued:

Image 1: Kumail Nanjiani has teamed up to play a Marvel hero. Grotesque; unnatural.

Image 2: Pierce Brosnan with a kind of shitty body depicting a man who is said to have just spent 14 months in a North Korean prison camp in Die Another Day (2002). How a man should look pic.twitter.com/BaWkcVwk4b

– Will Sloan (@WillSloanEsq) January 3, 2021

There were, of course, many fans who also defended Kumail’s transformation, under some false accusations that the actor was on steroids.


Here are a few of the posts defending him: “Chris Pratt had major body transformation and I haven’t heard you all embarrassed him than.” / ‘All MCU actors are trained for their roles. Kumail looks healthy and happy. ‘/’ All the Chris’ did the same super soldier program and never got a flack for it. ‘

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