KUWTK: Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Don’t Need To File For Divorce For Completely different Causes!

It has been reported that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West live a separated life and now it has been claimed that the rapper has also moved his entire shoe collection from his family home, which only cemented belief that their marriage is over! Neither of them are in a rush to file for divorce, however, and now an inside report claims it’s for very different reasons!

As mentioned earlier, Ye reportedly moved his impressive 500-pair shoe collection out of the marriage home, which really suggests he is moving away for good.

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Fans know the rapper spent most of his time on his Wyoming ranch.

But while he’s still taking another step towards a permanent breakup, a new source shared through HollywoodLife has that, like Kim, he has a reason to still want to try to save their marriage!

While Kim’s reason is her children, the source stated, “Kanye has its ups and downs with wanting a divorce, but mostly he doesn’t want it because of their longstanding relationship. Kim has always been Kanye’s queen. ‘

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Sure enough, they’ve been together since 2011, but Kanye has previously claimed that he loved Kim from afar before they even met in person.

However, the insider added, “He has not accepted that he has big, big problems, and Kim is uncomfortable with surrounding the kids in the area.”

The rapper has bipolar disorder but doesn’t really like taking his medication which is a big problem.

On the other hand, Ye insists that the drug hinders his creativity, which is why he avoids taking it, which then leads to very harmful and public outbursts, just like during his presidential campaign last summer.

Another reason Kanye doesn’t want to think about his potential divorce and marital problems is the fact that he’s apparently in the Zone, doing a lot of work alone on the ranch on new music, and doesn’t want any distractions!


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