LeBron James Points A Message Of Love To Black Girls Following Breonna Taylor Verdict: ‘The Most Disrespected Particular person On Earth Is The Black Lady!’

LeBron James gives black women a message of love after the grand jury's disappointing verdict on Breonna Taylor.

LeBron James, like many celebrities and public figures, used social media on Wednesday to express their frustration and anger over the grand jury’s disappointing verdict on the Breonna Taylor case.

What LeBron said sums up how people feel about the message sent in the officials’ decision not to indict the officials who killed Breonna Taylor: “The most disregarded person on earth is THE BLACK WOMAN!”

His tweet continued, “I promise I will do my best to change this as much as possible and even more !! DEAR QUEENS all over the country and beyond! “

After the grand jury’s verdict, LeBron sent a message of love to his sistas. Only one charge was brought in Breonna’s case, and the charges were unrelated to Breonna Taylor’s death.

Officer Brett Hankison has been charged with “willful endangering” for firing his weapon and the danger he put Breonna’s neighbors in. However, the grand jury ruled that none of the three officers who killed Breonna Taylor should actually be charged with her death.

Additionally, Hankison has already been booked and released after posting his $ 15,000 bail.

LeBron James has been adamant about his social justice initiatives and his fight for the justice of Breonna Taylor. He has used his time at press conferences and other lectures to seek justice for Breonna.

We are happy that LeBron and others are using their platform to call for the protection of black women.

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