Lil Duval Responds To On-line Criticism Following His Dialog With T.I. The place They Mentioned “Thot Prevention” Concerning Their Daughters

Roommates, like most things they say, Lil Duval and TI are currently on the wrong side of the internet after declaring that the time they spend with their daughters is “Thoth prevention.” Learned how upset people were with her comments, Lil Duval used social media to respond – but he wasn’t exactly offering much.

TI is repeatedly in hot water due to his constant comments on raising his daughters. In a recent episode of his “ExpediTIously” podcast, he called the time he and Lil Duval spend with their daughters “hours of prevention”. not too many people were surprised.

The backlash was almost immediate, as many compared TI’s recent comments to those he’d previously made when he revealed that he goes to the doctor’s office with his daughter Deyjah when she visits the gynecologist.

Now Lil Duval has responded and posted the following on Twitter:

“Women were really offended because I and TIP called to hang out with our daughter to avoid hours. Do you want us in our children’s life or not? “

As we previously reported, TI once again provided more information than many needed to hear as he explained how he felt about spending time with his daughter. “Me and Lil Duval call it ‘these prevention hours’. You have to give them the hours of prevention and keep your daughter off the rack.”

He went on to say that the time a father spends with his daughter is important in deterring her from a life of sex work.

“So, you spend time going to dad / daughter dances and you take them with you on trips where it’s just you and them. These are the prevention lessons that you put in. You have to do this! You don’t do this, well, she’s gonna be in Magic City somewhere, man … trying to find out. “

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