Lil Wayne & Denise Bidot Are Formally Again Collectively Following Temporary Breakup Throughout The Presidential Election

Lil Wayne and Denise Bidot

Roommate, celebrity relationships are often filled with ups and downs that are visible to the public – and that includes the on / off relationship between Lil Wayne and plus-size model Denise Bidot. The two previously had a very public argument after Weezy endorsed Trump and have slowly gotten back together since then.

In a photo posted on her Instagram account, Denise Bidot was pictured next to a smiling Lil Wayne next to a headline that said, “Thanksgiving weekend was just perfect. Grateful every day. “

As we previously reported, Denise posted a very cryptic message before deleting her Instagram page entirely, just days after Lil Wayne had that private meeting with Trump last month.

Before deciding to delete her Instagram page, Denise posted “Sometimes love just isn’t enough” on her IG Stories, followed by the heartbroken emoji. Before she posted this news, however, she had stopped following Lil Wayne and removed all photos of him from her page.

Fast forward a few days later and the two followed each other on Instagram and the previously deleted photos mysteriously returned just as quickly as they were removed.

Lil Wayne and Denise Bidot have been seriously dating since last summer when he abruptly ended his engagement to another plus size model, Latecia Thomas.

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