Louisiana Household Calls for Solutions After Their Son Went Lacking

15-year-old Quawan “Bobby” Charles ‘family and lawyer are searching for answers after he and a friend and his friend’s mother left home on October 30 without his parents’ permission. He was found dead three days later near Loreauville, LA.

Bobby’s mom, Roxanne Nelson, called him to see where he was after realizing he was missing, but she got no response from her child. Bobby’s parents called 911 to report his disappearance to the Baldwin Police Department and the West St. Mary Sheriff’s Office. However, officers told Roxanne that he was likely at a soccer game. Despite the family’s action, no Amber Alert was issued while he was missing.

The family opened their own investigation on October 31, and the next day discovered clues about Bobby’s whereabouts from a friend. Unfortunately, on November 3rd, Bobby was found dead in an unknown wooded area before Ed Broussard. The family say they learned Bobby drowned, but they believe otherwise after Bobby’s photo was posted on social media showing that he was beaten up. Many compare him to the lynch death of Emmett Till.

Celina Charles, the family spokeswoman, said, “His face is disfigured. So there are some explanations that need to be made there. His face is disfigured. “The Iberia Community Sheriff’s office released a statement late Tuesday morning investigating the ‘suspicious circumstances’ surrounding Bobby’s death. They added that they are still processing evidence and amid growing outrage over social media to the Charles family.

Attorney Ron Haley said, “We have no answers but we wanted to get them. you [officers] He was told he was likely to be at a soccer game, probably here, somewhere else, and we don’t know if those delays could have contributed to his death. We know when a child is missing is the most critical moment when you first call law enforcement that the child is missing. “

Attorney Ron also issued a press release calling for the arrest of those involved in Bobby’s death. No arrests have been made and the coroner has not released any information about Bobby’s death. According to KATC, the family is seeking an independent autopsy. Bobby’s family set up a GoFund Me account to pay for the autopsy.

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