Mannequin Who Re-Enacted Beyonce’s Movies For Halloween Will get A Shock From Beyonce Herself!

Roommate, this Halloween was definitely different. Now that COVID-19 appears to be staying here, people weren’t necessarily on the streets. Despite the COVID restrictions, that didn’t stop that many people from showing up and showing OUT! One person in particular went viral for their Halloween endeavors. A model named Tabria Majors ATE who didn’t leave a crumb as she reenacted all of Beyonce’s videos for Halloween. It’s safe to say that she won Halloween 2020. Tabria did MOST. She had costumes, choreography, dancers, wigs if we say she ATE ??? Sister ATE. If you didn’t get a chance to see their videos, check this out !!

Anyway, after Tabria did her thing, Beyonce seems to have noticed her! Today Tabria used social media to let everyone know that she received Beyonce’s latest Ivy Park collection! In the video, she reveals her new seizures and says that she happened to receive a call asking someone to speak to Tabira and then informed her that she had a surprise from Beyonce on the way. One thing about Beyonce, if she wants to get in touch with you, she’ll get in touch with you, okay! Check out the video she shared on Twitter below:

“You have a shipment from Beyonce” 😩😩😩 WTF! You already know me and @mttalves has something planned for it!

– Tabria (@TabriaMajors) November 14, 2020

Tabria wasn’t the only person laced with Beyonce’s latest, our boy Rolling Ray got hold of a box too! You know, he claims not only does he know Beyonce, but she’s checking him out. He showed off his new outfits and reminded everyone that he wasn’t lying. Haters will hate Ray! All I know is, if I have to replay all of Beyonce’s music videos to get some Ivy Park, I’ll start practicing from now because collecting looks good!

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