Mariah Carey Claims She Was Allegedly Drugged & Provided To A Pimp At 12-Years-Previous By Her Sister In Her New Memoir

As Mariah Carey’s memoir “The Meaning of Mariah Carey” approaches publication, further excerpts from the book are made available to the expectant public. Most Mariah Carey fans are thrilled to learn more about the superstar singer-songwriter’s intimate inner works and personal life experiences. Mariah recounts everything in the upcoming book, including allegations of abuse by her older sister.

So far, we’ve learned from the clippings from Mariah’s memoir that her lavish baths are not just for relaxation, but also a place for Mariah to get musical inspiration. Fans also became vulnerable to Mariah when she recently sat down with Oprah Winfrey on “The Oprah Conversation” and expressed the love she had experienced as a mother.

“The kids provide me with this real love and they are my real family and I am not worried they will try to hurt me,” Mariah said. “I have never had a reference for unconditional family love until now.”

Unfortunately, in her childhood, the beautiful starlet also revealed a daunting reality for her. Allegedly, Mariah’s older sister Allison Carey drugged her when she was 19 and tried to sell her to a pimp when she was 12.

The Daily Mail reads: “In a passage in her new book“ The Meaning of Mariah Carey ”, Carey, 50, said of her sister Allison:“ When I was 12, my sister drugged me with Valium I got a nail full of cocaine, got third degree burns, and tried to sell myself to a pimp. “

Mariah also mentioned that her brother Morgan Carey and sister Allison contributed to their strained relationship. In her memoir, she said, “Over the years, both my sister and brother have chopped me up, selling lies to any gossip, rag or trash website that would buy or hear,” Hot 97 noted .

Mariah has forgiveness in her heart despite her experiences. “I have forgiveness in my heart and that’s why I forgive them, but I’m not trying to invite anyone to hang out here,” Mariah said. “I think they are very broken and I am sad for them.” Mariah’s memoir will be released on September 29th.

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