Marilyn Manson Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Minors In Florida, Calls For An FBI Investigation Underneath Method

Recent allegations against Marilyn Manson include the sexual assault of several minors in Florida. An FBI investigation is currently being requested. Manson’s world came screeching to a standstill on February 1, 2021 Evan Rachel Wood, along with four other women, made several allegations of rape, Torture, physical, sexual and emotional abuse against the 52-year-old shock rocker. The women say Manson brainwashed and gas-lit them and even used espionage tactics to prevent them from speaking up. Since Evan, Ashley Lindsay Morgan, Ashley Walters, Gabriella Accarino and Sarah McNeilly took the floor, several people have shared their horror stories from their time Marilyn Manson. Corey Feldman has revealed that Manson terrorized him for years, and multiple sources say he sent spies to infiltrate Feldman’s home.

Now that there are allegations of pedophilia against Manson, many are asking if he terrorized Corey Feldman for being Hollywood’s loudest anti-pedophilia voice!

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Evan Rachel Wood shared a letter on her official Instagram account asking the Justice Department to open an investigation into Marilyn Manson amid large numbers of accusers came forward. Of paramount concern to Florida are allegations that there were several minors alleging Manson sexually assaulted them. It is not known what gender the minors were, when the alleged assaults took place, or how old the victims were at the time of the incident.

While Marilyn Manson waits to see whether they will bring charges against him, which is quickly turning into a multi-state investigation, the court has found him guilty of public opinion.

A lot of the things that changed people’s minds about Manson are the statements he made. Although the women share similarities in their allegations, Manson has a long history of inappropriate comments on the subject of sex, including with underage girls.

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You may see a video clip of Marilyn Manson saying he doesn’t drink alcohol, use drugs, or have sex with underage girls.

Here is a letter Evan Rachel Wood posted on her Instagram account. It’s from Florida representative Anna Eskamani.

What do you think of the recent allegations against Marilyn Manson? Do you think the FBI should investigate?


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