Marsai Martin Classily Reads A Commenter Who Had One thing To Say About Her Trophies Video

We already know that 16-year-old Marsai Martin is ahead of her time, so it’s not surprising that she “reads” as an adult.

Lil ‘sis made her big appearance on Instagram on Saturday when she posted a new challenge that would have the underperformed shook!

For the song of DMX’s “What These B **** es Want” with Sisqo on the hook, Marsai had an award or trophy for about as many names as DMX mentioned in this song. Marsai’s achievements aren’t shy of Black Girl Magic and just to remind you, sister is only 16 and has her whole career ahead of her!

Also, don’t forget that when she was only 14 she broke the Guinness World Record for the youngest Hollywood executive producer to produce the film, which she also appeared in, Little!

The not-so-humble boast has been celebrated by many on social media … but there’s always that one hater in the crowd.

One commenter tried to be funny by talking about an observation they had made.

“There were more names than trophies. She has something to do, ”the person wrote, adding a crying, laughing emoji to his feelings.

Well, if there’s one thing Ms. Marsai Martin has, it’s time.

Marsai got wind of the comment below the post and decided to give the adult some of their thoughts with a gathering that would make OG readers proud!

Marsai replied, “I have more trophies, there was just no more space on the table.”

Angry! That would definitely make someone think before talking about this young queen again.

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