Marvel Lady 1984 Rises To $85M WW; Demon Slayer Units New Japan File – .

MONDAY UPDATE, in writing after Sunday 11:41 AM Post: On this international weekend there were a little more varied activities at the international box office. Highlights include the continued launch of Warner Bros / DC’s Wonder Woman 1984 with a great start in Australia, a sizable arc for China’s Shock Wave 2, the debut of Disney / Pixar’s Soul, and a brand new milestone for Demon Slayer The Movie: Mugen Train has officially overtaken Spirited Away to become the highest grossing film in Japan.

Starting with Wonder Woman in 1984, the sequel directed by Patty Jenkins added an estimate $ 19.4 million from 40 overseas markets with the international box office hit $ 68.3 million. When combined with the domestic debut of this framework, it adds up to a global grand total $ 85 million.

‘Wonder Woman 3’ is accelerated after Sequel’s current WW $ 85M WW to date; Patty Jenkins & Gal Gadot will be back

Last week’s arc has been hampered by a smooth debut in China, and the picture is no rosier in China, but there are some positive signs elsewhere. WB just discovered that this is a fast development on a three-source.

Regarding new game, Australia got off to a strong start on this scale, 110% above the first Wonder Woman and the second largest opening of the year at $ 4.5 million across 650 screens. It dominated the market with a share of 60%. KoreaDiana Prince, who has heavily influenced cinema by Covid, took first place with $ 2.5 million on 2,260 screens. in the IndiaWW84 was the biggest Hollywood opening of the year and the top debut in the industry during the pandemic. It was on a par with the First World War.

As part of this, there have been more cinema closures due to Christmas, particularly in the UK, where additional locations went into Tier 3 and 4 Covid restrictions over the weekend and venues continued to close. In Brazil and Mexico, usually strong DC markets, roughly half of the theaters were open with capacity restrictions.

The top 5 for Gal Gadot’s Amazon warriors are China ($ 23.9 million), Taiwan ($ 6.5 million), Australia ($ 4.5 million), Japan ($ 3.1 million) as well Singapore and Thailand for $ 2.9 million each.

IMAX reports that WW84 added $ 1 million from 280 offshore screens. The global grand total is now $ 8.2 million, or nearly 10% of gross.

The leading international film in this session is the Chinese action sequel Shock Wave 2, which caught on $ 63.8 million since the debut on Thursday. This blasts the previous film’s entire Middle Kingdom run of $ 58 million and is almost on par with the most recent Tenet run out on the market. Directed by Herman Yau, the follow-up takes on a bomb disposal officer Andy Lau of Infernal Affairs and has a strong 9.2 on Maoyan with an 8 from Douban. IMAX raised $ 4.4 million from 656 screens.

Disney / Pixar

Disney / Pixar’s Soul entered 10 overseas markets this weekend and headed to one $ 7.6 million Begin. The main game was China at $ 5.5 million for the three days and twice as much as Onward earlier this year. While this was only good for fourth place behind three local titles, the social and critical scores are excellent with 9.6 for Maoyan, 9.5 for Tao Piaopiao and 9.2 for Douban. These are among the highest for any Disney release, while word of mouth across the frame (+ 179% Friday-Saturday and + 52% Saturday-Sunday) saw significant daily gains as the film climbed up the table.

The original story, staged by Pete Docter, also bowed in Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Thailand, finishing in 2nd place each. Taiwan ($ 800,000) was above the openings of Onward and Moana. Saudia Arabia ($ 400,000) and the United Arab Emirates ($ 200,000) doubled the launch of Croods 2.

Soul is set digitally in markets where Disney + exists and will go to theaters elsewhere, meaning China, Korea and Russia are the main hubs for the film. The latter two are currently planned for the end of January.

Midweek is expected to be solid on both Shock Wave 2 and Soul which then have to grapple with the highly anticipated emotional drama A Little Red Flower on December 31st.

Demon Hunter

Toho / Aniplex

Toho / Aniplex ‘Moloch Demon Slayer The Movie: Mugen Train has now dethroned Spirited Away as the highest grossing film in Japanese history. At 32.48 billion yen ($ 313.5 million), it took the film just 11 weeks to hit the milestone. That’s 19 years after the 2001 Oscar-winning Spirited Away grossing 30.8 billion yen, a figure recently valued at 31.68 billion yen, including a summer re-release earlier that year. The approvals confirmed by dealers early Monday morning are at 12:05 p.m. – and all of this during a pandemic.

Demon Slayer was a sight to behold as he shattered opening records on the weekend of October 16 and barely slowed down after that. There were regular additions from weekend to weekend thanks to giveaways that encouraged re-viewing. On December 26th, MX4D and 4DX versions were added in 82 theaters across Japan. Demon Slayer is the # 5 film worldwide by 2020 and # 3 overseas. It is also the highest-grossing animated title of the year. For IMAX, it is the largest film of the format in Japan at $ 21 million. Overall, Demon Slayer’s IMAX sales are $ 22.3 million.

According to the Asahi Shimbun, the story of a boy fighting man-eating demons was reinforced by his message of resilience. The same outlet reports that a home industry has grown around the film, ranging from toys to demon slayer-themed canned coffee.


Elsewhere, The Croods: A New Age has taken up another $ 9.2 million That session saw a sharp 53% drop in week 5. The sequel is now available in 16 offshore markets where there is an ongoing inventory of $ 67.9 million to the $ 98.3 million global. Russia was the best addition to this framework at a # 1 $ 3M out of 1,680 locations, followed by Australia at $ 2.7 million of 295 and Spain # 1 with $ 1.4 million from 334 Spain is the only major currently operating in Europe and other release dates on the continent are TBD as the cinema is currently closing. The China Gross is now $ 51.4 million, exceeding Despicable Me 2’s lifespan.

This coming weekend, the aforementioned A Little Red Flower will be shown in China as well as the other game from WW84, Croods 2 and others.


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