Masika Kalysha Is A Rapper Now (Video)

Masika Kalysha is known for being the clapback queen on social media with her scathing readings, but now she wants to be known for her bars.

In case you didn’t know, Masika is the youngest social media personality and reality star to step into the rap game, and Sister is not holding back.

She teased her new song “Masether”, a clear piece on Nas’ legendary diss track “Ether”, on her Instagram page the Friday before her midnight drop for the visual.

Masika’s new track is also based on Nas’ song in the production and tries the classic sound. While it sounds like she certainly has her own “ether” moment based on the preview, it wasn’t immediately clear who Masika’s track is targeting or if it’s just a “if the shoe fits” situation.

You can hear the following excerpt:

Masika also released a sharp visual preview for her new song:

Masika, along with Blac Chyna and India Love, is just the latest reality star to allow her entry into the rap game.

It’s not exactly an unexpected twist for Booked and Busy woman, whose endeavors changed before and after her Love and Hip Hop days.

Most recently, she became political – like many public figures in the 2020 presidential election – and called on Lil ‘Pump for his approval from Donald Trump.

Masika, a self-described Black Republican, threw her support behind Joe Biden and Kamala Harris while saying that choice is bigger than taxes.

Masika has now got into politics and the rap game. We’ll keep you updated on what she’s doing next.

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