Matt Barnes Suggests Sabrina Parr Is An Consideration-Seeker After She Posts #BussItChallenge—“That’s All Her Plan Has Ever Been”

Matt Barnes and Sabrina Parr

Roommate, it’s only been a few weeks since Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr confirmed their chaotic relationship was over for good – but Matt Barnes believes Sabrina was just an attention seeker looking for an appearance. After deciding to take part in the viral #BussItChallenge, Matt Barnes cast Sabrina’s shadow over her intentions to be with Lamar in the first place.

Matt Barnes stepped all the way into the shadow room, letting Sabrina Parr know that he wasn’t here for her antics – or why she was with his close friend Lamar Odom. After we posted Sabrina’s attempt on the #BussItChallenge, Matt let us know what he thought of her.

He wrote the following comment under the post:

“Don’t start paying attention to her. That’s all she ever planned. “

As expected, Sabrina clapped back to Matt and replied:

“I’m sorry, do I know you @ mattbarnes_9? You must want men to comment on another woman’s “plan” that you have never seen or met in your life! Keep your energy where it belongs and that is not over with me! “

As we previously reported, Sabrina and Lamar’s breakup was incredibly dramatic. Lamar accused them of taking his social media accounts hostage by taking over his various passwords.

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