Maxine Waters Says She Spent Thanksgiving Away From Her Husband Whereas “Plotting On The Republicans” In Order To Assist Go A Second Stimulus Plan

Maxine Waters reads Donald Trump in a series of tweets about filth evoking his response to the coronavirus pandemic.

While the rest of us were enjoying Thanksgiving with our loved ones, Aunt Maxine Waters was planning the Republicans and trying to put together another stimulus plan for the people.

The California congresswoman took to Twitter and wrote, “Back home in Washington, husband in LA, spent the day thinking about Republicans thinking about how to kick my butt for another incentive plan to get food for so many families to put on the table in need. Must pass the Heroes Law. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! “

The people on Twitter responded with thanks. One user wrote, “Thank you for being an important part of Thanksgiving.”

Another said, “Happy Thanksgiving, Aunt Maxine! We are grateful for everything you did to protect us! “

As you know, there was talk of a second stimulus check but unfortunately no agreement was reached at this point.

We all know that aunt always reclaims her time. So we know that while this vacation was not with her husband, it was well spent.

Thank you, Aunt Maxine!

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