Megan Thee Stallion Takes Purpose At Tory Lanez And Ex-Bestie Kelsey Nicole In New Single ‘Photographs Fired’ (Video)

Just two days after Tory Lanez pleaded guilty to shooting Megan Thee Stallion, Megan “returned fire” on his recent forays into the incident by dropping her new album “Good News”.

Megan’s first track on the expected album is a diss record against Tory and her ex-beast, Kelsey Nicole, who dated Megan and Tory the night Meg was shot.

Kelsey is said to be the holder of the truth about what happened that night, but her silence stunned many, especially considering that she and Meg seemed inseparable at one time.

Megan made sure that both Tory and Kelsey got the beat of Biggie’s classic “Who Shot Ya?”

Megan’s first lines were: “Imagine wanting to shoot a real b *** h just to save face for rappers you relax with. Imagine I’m giving you it’s your birthday, you in your feelings, I just thought it was a Thursday again. “

Megan was obviously referring to how she went live on Tory’s birthday to discuss the details of her shootout.

It went live about a month later and officially identified Tory as its shooter on the night of July 12th.

In the song, Megan alluded to the fact that Kelsey and Tory had teamed up against her: “I don’t want you up *** h think you weren’t invited aAnd if it hadn’t been for me, you would have been charged the same week. You want the Ms and not the tip I think that upset my friend. Now you’re in cahoots, you’re a cat in boots. You shot a 5’10 “b *** h with a .22.”

Tory dropped “Daystar” in September and described the incident from his point of view. Now that Megan has shot back with an album of his own, this is becoming one of the most unexpected rap beefs of the year.

In real life, Tory will be brought back to trial in January 2021 for the three offenses he faces related to the shooting. We will keep you informed about updates.

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