Meghan Markle And Prince Harry – Right here’s How They Want Their Upcoming Oprah Interview Will Change Their Future!

Meghan Markle and Prince HarryThe interview with Oprah Winfrey is just around the corner and fans are looking forward to it as it is their first sit-all-tell-all since their engagement! But what do the couple hope to achieve when they have this very public and personal chat with the iconic TV personality?

A new inside report revealed what they hope all of this will mean for their future.

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As it turns out, the interview will include discussions on many topics, from the death of Princess Diana to Harry and Meghan’s decision to give up their royal titles and move to the US!

All in all, a source tells HollywoodLife that they have high hopes for the much-anticipated interview.

“They want people to understand their reasons better after this interview. The hope is that with her truth out there in her own words, all false narratives will be stopped. You trust Oprah, that’s the main reason to sit down with her. She’s a dear friend so there’s a real level of convenience there that makes it easy to open. What they went through, what led to their resignation, is incredibly personal and not necessarily easy to discuss. So it makes all the difference having someone you know is asking the questions. ‘

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Regarding the reason they decided to have a joint interview rather than a couple separate ones, the same source stated, “Meghan and Harry are a united front, so it was important that they have this big interview together. One thing that is so amazing about Harry is the way he always protects Meghan, he’s just so solid. And she always has his back too, they are a team. That’s how they do everything and this interview was no different. ‘

Meanwhile, Meghan and Harry announced that they are expecting a sibling for their son Archie Harrison!


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