Michael B. Jordan & Lori Harvey Had been Livin’ It Up Whereas Vacationing In St. Barts Collectively! (Unique Photographs)

Roommates, Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey live it up for their birthday! ‘Turtle’ and ‘Nugget’ were pictured on a mega-yacht that looked like two models who had never eaten a carbohydrate in their life, okay!

You already know, we reported exclusively when Michael and Lori were seen together for the first time for Thanksgiving last year and have been keeping the tea updated ever since. It was then that we all saw when they finally confirmed their relationship with IG just in time for Hot Girl Lori’s birthday! This time we got exclusive pictures of what the surfacing looked like.

It appears that both Michael and Lori brought the birthday celebrations to St. Barts. They were photographed on jet skis and got extra cozy while in the water. At some point Lori sat on Michael. I know hearts all over the world are broken after reading this line. Anyway, Michael and Lori have quickly become the new “IT” couple on the block! So much so that the Innanets couldn’t stop talking about it! Check out the St. Barts Adventure below:

I know some of you guys get triggered !!!! Listen, I know everyone is heartbroken, but they look GOOD together! It is clear that Lori and Michael are happy and undisturbed with their new relationship! Outside of their social media posts, none of them have spoken publicly about their burgeoning romance. IONO y’all, the way Michael looks in these pictures, he may be off the market for good. 2021 is already trying to quit me!

Anyway, I only wish you the best. What do we call this new couple of roommates? Mori, licheal? They’ll let us know because it might just be turtle and nugget for me.

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