Michael Flynn Jr. Releases Extra Info on Trump Crew’s Sidney Powell Assertion — And It is NOT What You Assume

As we suspected, the news tonight that Sidney Powell is not on the Trump team is an act of protecting Sidney and the Trump team, and not news of disappointment in their recent interviews and actions.

The Trump campaign issued a statement Sunday night announcing that Sidney Powell is not a member of President Trump’s legal team.

The statement was posted online by campaign attorney Jenna Ellis on behalf of senior campaign attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Powell appeared earlier this week with Giuliani and Ellis at a campaign press conference.

TRENDING: Michael Flynn Jr. posts more information on the Trump team’s Sidney Powell statement – and it’s NOT what you think


Attorney Sidney Powell couldn’t answer tonight.
Sidney was censored and suspended from Twitter today.

Mike Flynn Jr. posted a statement tonight.

Sidney remains on track to prove the massive willful election fraud that has robbed the American people of our votes for President Trump and many Republican candidates.

Sidney released a statement to CBS News.
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The chips will fall where they like and we will defend the foundations of this great republic. #KrakenOnSteroids ”(2/2)

– Kristin Brown (@kristincbrown) November 23, 2020

General Michael Flynn’s son, Mike Jr., followed tonight with a message to Parler, noting that the previous message from the presidential team did not reflect misrepresentation from Sidney:

Let go of the octopus.

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