Michael Strahan Will get Rid Of His Iconic Tooth Hole – Verify Out The Video!

Michael Strahan ‘s iconic tooth gap is no more! The TV personality took advantage of social media to reveal that he had undergone a cosmetic procedure that caused his void to be closed and shared the results, as well as part of the process, in a new clip!

Good Morning America host has a new smile and was thrilled to show his fans off, although the response has definitely been mixed.

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The professionals at Smile Design Manhattan have closed the gap that Michael used to have between his upper front teeth.

The star even dubbed this a “moment in 50 years,” suggesting that he has waited his entire life to get rid of this particularity.

But surely he was aware that the people on the internet and even the people in his life would tell him not to do it, which is why he hadn’t written about it or told anyone about it beforehand.

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“I have to do what I want to do for myself now,” he said.

After everything was done, Michael felt like he had a new reason to smile and he did just that. He explained that I love it and even danced happily in front of the camera to express his excitement!

At the same time, there are users who do not believe that the procedure was actually carried out since the TV personality announced it so right before the April Fool’s Day!

After all, he tweeted just last week: “I swing my gap with pride! It is who i am! ‘and now has he suddenly changed his mind?

In 2012, he told Elle magazine in an interview that his football career had only just begun: “I was about to close it. I went to a dentist and had them make models. I’ve been thinking about it, man. There’s so much pressure to just be perfect. You can fix anything. For myself, I tried to say, “This is who I am.” I am not perfect. I don’t want to try to be perfect. At this point, I don’t think my kids would recognize me without them. They would say, ‘Who is that stranger in the house? Call 911! ”

So what do you think Has he really closed the gap for good or is it just a prank?

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