Mickey Guyton Opens Up About Her Expertise Being A Black Nation Singer

During an interview for E! News, Mickey Guyton opened up about her personal experience as a Black Country singer! The star also explained why inclusion is so important especially in her industry and more!

Mickey Guyton pointed out that she is definitely aware of how blacks are treated by other artists, executives, and audiences.

With that said, she apparently feels obliged to pave the way for all of the black boys out there who would love to become country singers when they grow up.

“There are so many people: women, black women, indigenous people, Latinx, LGBTQIA + who have a unique story that is important to be heard and if you don’t give people this platform, I think it’s easy in my personal opinion not correct. This is why representation is important because there is a little 7 year old girl out there who looks like me who has these dreams and if she does not see herself she cannot pursue it and she cannot have a life that is what would have been can be intended for them, ”explained the singer-songwriter.

Of course, as an established artist in the country music scene, Mickey himself has dealt with a lot of racism and microaggression.

“I’ve opened up to great artists on major tours singing in front of the Confederate flag. And I was called the N word after a show when I was signing autographs in a row of people and no one was standing up for me. I was there alone and took care of it. ‘

And that’s not all! Mickey shared that executives have insisted their style be even more “country,” although other country crooners have been mixing R&B recently and are trapped in their songs.

In the meantime, Mickey is apparently always kept at a different level due to the color of his skin, for fear of being perceived as “insincere”.

“There are so many times that I’ve sent a song to my label and they said to me, ‘You need to make sure your song sounds really rural because people think you’re being insincere,” she told the news agency.


This hasn’t discouraged her, however, and instead it has pushed her to want to fight harder and harder so other black women don’t have to go through the same.

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