Mike Tyson Says His Daughter Needed To Battle Boosie Badazz For His Feedback About Dwayne Wade’s Trans Little one

Mike Tyson and Boosie Badazz famous for his comments on Dwayne Wade’s transgender child. Hot New Hip Hop says the infamous boxer brought up the incident again and explained how his daughter was supposed to fly off to confront Boosie in person.

As fans of the rapper know, with many of his own open opinions, he’s easily one of the most talkative figures in hip hop. As wrong or right they may or may not be, many people appreciate Boosie’s courage and love to hear what he has to say.

Dwyane Wade says he “guess” Mike Tyson defended daughter Zaya against rapper Boosie Badazz’s transphobic comments! »

For example, Badazz is a frequent guest on Vlad TV, where he and the presenter talk extensively. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship as Vlad gets views and Boosie gets publicity.

In any case, Boosie isn’t always a fan favorite, especially when it comes to his comments on gays and transgender people, with Dwayne Wade’s child being the target of some of them. Dwayne reportedly reacted with glee when Tyson defended her child.

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To hear what Mike had to say about the hypothetical confrontation, watch the following YouTube video:

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Dwayne said he and Mike discussed this during the pandemic and it was a great conversation. The basketball legend says he really appreciated what Mr. Tyson had to say. Wade went on to say that Tyson was one of those people in life who had a lot of experience and wisdom; he is certainly not ignorant.

Though the legendary boxer had a difficult start as an athlete, including his clashes with authorities, his rape case, and drug and money problems, Tyson has earned a reputation as a wise figure.

During a conversation with Zab Judah, Tyson shared his thoughts on the Boosie Badazz incident and explained how his daughter wanted to fly from New York City to Los Angeles to fight Boosie Badazz. According to Tyson, his daughter wanted to physically jerk him off for what he had to say about Wade’s child.


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