Miley Cyrus Reportedly ‘Honored’ That Britney Spears Shouted Her Out And Known as Her An ‘Inspiration!’

As the fans know Britney Spears Not that long ago, she went on her platform to mention a number of fellow celebrity who made her quarantine easier, and one of them was Miley Cyrus ! That being said, it turns out the latter knows about the reputation and she was definitely honored!

It all started with Britney posting a series of images of various stars that “inspired” her and made her pandemic life easier, and one of them was Miley.

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In the headline she wrote: “These are the women who have really inspired my life.”

A source told HollywoodLife how Miley felt about the cute tribute: “She’s a huge supporter and lifelong fan so it was just a great honor to get a reputation from her.”

So it turns out that love is definitely mutual!

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In fact, Miley has been a huge Britney fan for many years and is also a vocal Free Britney supporter.

Previously, while playing a party in the US on the NFL’s TikTok Tailgate Super Bowl livestream, Miley had yelled at her too, literally yelling, “We love Britney!”

And that wasn’t the first time she’d done something like this!

In fact, during a Memphis concert in 2019, while performing the same song, Miley shouted “Free Britney” on stage.

The audience was just as supportive, singing along to the lyrics, which read, “And a Britney song was on …”

The insider also said that Miley had been pushing for the Free Britney movement even before the documentary was released. [Miley] considers her a legend. To be in a positive light on Britney’s radar is an amazing moment for Miley. She feels so much for Britney and what she’s been through and if she had the chance to help she would. She respects the woman Britney has become and who was always with Miley. So if anything Miley does makes Britney happy, it’s a great honor for Miley. ‘

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