Miley Cyrus Reveals Off Her Toned Abs In Christian Dior Bra

Miley Cyrus shared a photo on Instagram showing a Christian Dior leopard print bra that she wore with leather pants. Known for her wild, rebellious demeanor, Miley has heated Instagram with loads of racy pictures and lots of talk about sexuality. Miley is no stranger to lifting her shirt and showing her chest. Miley posted a mirror selfie, wearing a face mask and baseball cap, and posed with a black cropped shirt over her bra. The bra comes from Christian Dior’s fall 2020 collection and fans are showing great interest in the garment.

In addition to Miley’s racy photos and revealing outfits, she has been talking about her adult toys on social media and encouraging others to use them for their own health and benefit. She had a special message for her 124 million Instagram followers on Valentine’s Day encouraging those who were single or unrelated to take care of themselves.

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Miley Cyrus ended her marriage to Liam Hemsworth in 2020. She then dated Cody Simpson for 10 months but had been single for about six months.

You may see the photo Miley Cyrus shared on Instagram.

Source: Miley Cyrus

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While Miley may be single, she’s not lonely now that she has a new man in her life – an adopted dog named Angel! Miley certainly had her share of heartbreak when her dog Mary Jane died in January. She waited a bit and then found Angel, whom she proudly introduced to her fans on Instagram.

Miley shared a cute photo of herself and Angel that both appeared to be smiling at the camera. A dog is always a great way to develop your love for animals and fill in the void when you are single. Miley rescued the puppy, who is gray and white and wearing a pink collar, and Angel clearly brought a lot of joy and happiness to the singer.

What do you think of Miley’s latest photo and her outfit? Do you like the Christian Dior bra?

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