Miranda Lambert And Her Husband Finish Journey Early After Being Concerned In Scary Hit-And-Run

The country singer and her husband were on a fantastic trip together, but unfortunately the whole thing was interrupted by a frightening accident! Check out what happened!

Miranda Lambert reported on the dangerous accident they had suffered while driving their Airstream through Atlanta.

According to the star, the vehicle was fishtailed by someone and landed right in traffic.

Luckily the couple handled everything perfectly and no one was injured, but something really bad could definitely have happened and Miranda went to her platform to describe the incident as well as the road trip that was the really good part of her time there.

Lambert said that while they were driving around Atlanta, “an A * Shole in a small car with temperature tags was intermittent and tried to squeeze between us and a truck on I-20W.”

This is what she partially wrote in the caption, alongside pictures from vacation.

While most of the pictures were amazing memories of the romantic trip, the last one showed the aftermath of the accident.

It was obvious that her trailer was quite dented and the side was scratched off.

She also remembered: “It hit the airflow on the passenger side and put us in the left lane. We fished very well, but got on our shoulders as quickly as possible to assess the damage. [….] Nobody got hurt, thank god. [But] Nobody stopped either and the car sped away. (Cool Bro) We’re so grateful that nothing worse happened. Our trailer was drivable so we made a report and then moved home. ‘

While Miranda was obviously quite upset after the incident, she told her followers that they plan to hit the streets right after they fix the RV!


Both the singer and her husband really enjoyed the glamping life and documented every moment for social media!

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