Nancy Grace’s Whole Household Has COVID-19 Together with Her Twins And Aged Mom

Nancy Grace has revealed that her family is going through a difficult time and many of her fans are praying for her. Nancy said her 88-year-old mother, Elizabeth Grace, who also lives with the family, tested positive Coronavirus. She got sick and developed a cough, loss of appetite, and general lethargy. Follow your mother Nancy GraceThirteen-year-old twins John David and Lucy Elizabeth tested positive. Nancy and her husband David Linch are COVID-19 positive, with Nancy having flu-like symptoms with a cough.

Elizabeth Grace is currently being hospitalized while battling the novel virus.

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There are many symptoms associated with coronavirus, and no two people have the same symptoms – even in the same household.

Of the family, the twins have the least severe symptoms and have complained of headaches and sore throats, while their father, David Linch, has debilitating headaches.

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Many people who have contracted COVID-19 have expressed that they have lost their sense of taste and smell. Both Nancy and John David have said their sense of smell is gone.

Below is an exclusive report from The Daily Mail starring Nancy Grace and her family’s fight against the coronavirus.

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Many states have seen an increase in coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and, sadly, deaths. Some of the states that are currently experiencing the worst cases are Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Kansas, Ohio, and Florida.

More than 16 million cases of coronavirus have occurred in the United States since the pandemic began. 6.5 million active cases occurred daily. The current death toll in the United States is just over 302,000.

Nancy Grace and her family live in Georgia, where there are also increases in some cases. There are approximately 203,000 active cases in Georgia and approximately 10,000 people have lost their lives in the state of COVID-19. Currently, around 317,000 people in Georgia have recovered from coronavirus.

Nancy Grace posted an exclusive statement in the Daily Mail encouraging people to take the pandemic seriously. She reminded the public to continue to wear face masks, practice social distancing, and diligently wash hands. She stated that her family did everything right and caught it anyway.

Get well soon, Nancy Grace and family.

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