Netflix Bolsters Manufacturing Presence In Korea – .

Netflix is ​​doubling its number of Korean originals and has rented production studio space in two locations to help manage that growth.

The streamer rents nine stages at two manufacturing facilities in the country after it was revealed that it had spent $ 700 million on Korean content over the past five years.

This includes originals like Kingdom, The King: Eternal Monarch, Start-Up, and It’s OK to Be Not Right, as well as an upcoming local adaptation of Money Heist.

In YCDSMC – Studio 139, six stages and supporting areas of approx. 9,000 square meters are rented. Samsung Studio also leases three stages with an area of ​​around 7,000 square meters. Both studios are located just outside of Seoul in the Korean province of Gyeonggi.

It comes after Netflix signed a similar deal in the UK in 2019, where it created its own production facility with 14 sound stages at Shepperton Studios.

“Netflix is ​​excited to deepen its investments in Korea and Korean films and series,” said Amy Reinhard, vice president of Studio Operations, Netflix. “With these new studios, Netflix is ​​better positioned than ever to increase the production of great stories from Korea while providing a plethora of production-related jobs for talented professionals in the Korean creative community.”

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