NEW NewsBusters Podcast: ‘State-Run Radio’ and Battle on Fox with Tim Graham & Eric Scheiner

In the final analysis session of the NewsBusters podcast, Executive Editor Tim Graham describes how National Public Radio will take on the tone of “state radio” when Democrats win the presidency. This week’s confirmation hearings for Attorney General-designate Merrick Garland were accompanied by an affectionate seven-minute profile on the Morning Edition of NPR of Carrie Johnson, her Justice Department correspondent. Johnson performed the same rituals with Obama’s first attorney general, Eric Holder, as explained in Brent Bozell’s and Tim’s book Collusion.

Tim also cites a recent interview with Secretary of State Tony Blinken conducted by All Things Considered host Mary Louise Kelly, which was very frank and friendly, which is quite a contrast to Kelly’s hostile interview with past Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in January 2020. After that When the interview was canceled, she reported that Pompeo yelled at her. She was hailed in the liberal media for her attack interview.

Eric Scheiner, editor-in-chief of MRCTV, attended the podcast to discuss the House Democrats holding a hearing on their urgent feeling that conservative news networks like Fox News, Newsmax and OAN need to be restricted if they are not by cable and satellite television providers to be dropped. Scheiner also discusses his weekly video “Wacky MOLE”, which compiles outrageous and humorous video clips from the media.

Enjoy the show below or wherever you are listening to your podcasts.

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