New Orleans Cancels Mardi Gras Parades For 2021 Due To COVID-19 – .

Although COVID-19 may make celebrations and gatherings difficult for the upcoming holiday season, the city of New Orleans is taking security precautions through 2021.

Beau Tidwell, communications director for New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell, stated during a press conference Tuesday that while Mardi Gras celebrations will not necessarily be canceled, traditional practices will certainly be different over the next year. The city cannot accurately cancel all Mardi Gras celebrations as it is a religious holiday, but those looking to put on their pearls for the large crowd may have to change their plans for the February event.

Mardi Gras celebrations in 2021 won’t have the typical crowded parades, according to the official New Orleans website.

“Parades of any kind are not allowed this year as large gatherings have proven to be super-spreader events of the COVID-19 virus,” said the city’s frequently asked questions.

In addition to changing their Mardi Gras plans, NOLA officials are urging celebrities to follow all local and state COVID-19 guidelines, such as: B. maintaining social distance and wearing face masks correctly.

“While we certainly want to go forward and find ways we can celebrate, and we can mark the occasion, we must do it safely,” Tidwell continued during the press conference.

Not only are New Orleans Mardi Gras celebrations a staple of Louisiana’s culture, but they have drawn visitors from all over the world. As of Tuesday, New Orleans is experiencing an outbreak or is at extreme risk, officials said.

In #NewOrleans, we raised the # COVID19 threat level to red, which indicates an active outbreak. This is due to rising cases, a rising infection rate, and a positive test rate that has nearly doubled in the past week.

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