Niecy Nash Celebrates One-Month Anniversary With Spouse Jessica Betts—“Endlessly To Go”

Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts

Roommate, it seems Niecy Nash is still in the land of marital bliss after tying the knot last month. She recently used social media to celebrate the month-long anniversary of her marriage to her new wife, Jessica Betts.

Newlyweds Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts still feel love and decided to share their happiness with their fans on social media. Niecy commemorated the 30-day anniversary of her marriage to Jessica with a video that was posted on her Instagram account.

In the short video clip, Niecy responded to the widespread criticism her marriage had received by saying, “They know they say we can’t make it,” to which Jessica replied, “Let her keep saying”, followed by Niecy and her wife share a kiss.

In the video’s caption, Niecy addressed those who disapprove of their relationship, writing, “Feel free not to follow if our luck is driving you crazy.”

Meanwhile, Niecy also clapped back in the comments to someone who asked her why she and Jessica were waiting to get married to post about each other the whole time, noting that their relationship appears to be “wrong”.

She replied, explaining, “Our relationship was private while we met. I am married now and this is my love and my side. I’m a lot of things, but fake isn’t one of them. Get some luck and post what you don’t have [sic] follow me. #LoveWins #TheBettsDoItTheBest ”

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