Nikki Haley Tags Media for Wanting GOP Civil Warfare; CNN Anchor HATES It

Former Governor and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley wrote in the Wall Street Journal Thursday that the media “wants to foment an uninterrupted Republican civil war” so the Democrats can divide and win. CNN hated it. Because it was true. [Hat tip: Joseph Wulfsohn]

Haley argued:

The media playbook begins by demanding that everyone vote for Donald Trump – either love or hate everything about him. The moment someone on the right voids the slightest criticism of the 45th President, the media gets angry: Republicans are trying to do it both ways! It is a calculated strategy to pit conservatives against each other. It is also a ridiculously wrong choice. Real life is never that easy. A person can do both good things and bad things.

Haley lamented that we’re at a point where families and friends are polarizing about politics:

Is that what the anti-Trump media really want? May be. Hate and polarization attract attention, ratings, and clicks. But what is good for them is bad for America. Some Never Trump and Always Trump Republicans also attack anyone who does not join the all-or-nothing choir. That’s not how I saw Mr. Trump working with him in the White House, where he had internal debates, welcomed disagreements and sometimes changed his mind.

But “If the media finds its way, the GOP will dissolve into endless wars and ensure an extremely liberal government for years to come. Instead, Republicans need to be honest about what has worked and what has not worked over the past four years. “

On Thursday afternoon, CNN Newsroom host Brianna Keilar kicked off one of those pompous nine-minute jeremiads that whipped up Haley and the GOP.

“Haley says the media wants to foment a republican civil war,” said Keilar. “How? By telling the Americans it’s happening? What are Republicans saying on both sides of this divide? Maybe there wouldn’t be a civil war, would the media just stop documenting it? … There is a civil war. The GOP eats its own. Casting out good people, thanks to conspiracy theorists, and the media ignoring it happening, won’t bring Mitt Romney to do this and Josh Hawley somehow agree on the existential issues their party is facing. “

Keilar said Haley was at war with herself, comparing her stance of removing the Confederate flag over the state capital in South Carolina with her support for voter identification laws.

KEILAR: Your party is in crisis, Ambassador. Would you like to keep kicking the can on both sides of the street and ignore reality until then? You look up to see the walking crowd where you are close to white supremacists, close to ambitious politicians who have thrown their morale a mile behind, a few clicks after leaving Fiscal Conservative Town and Family Valuesville without even looking back to have. It’s a long way through the wilderness, especially with your eyes closed.

Then Keilar promised viewers that they would have negative stories about Ted Cruz and Ron DeSantis “under attack”. Because that’s CNN.

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