NLE Choppa Speaks On Dealing With A Lady As Outdated As 46 When He Was 16 & Says That Smoking Weed Gave Him Anxiousness (Video)

NLE Choppa was The Shade Room’s second guest on our show Keep it 100. He talked about a few interesting things, including dating older women.

When asked about the age of the oldest woman he dated, NLE said Choppa was 46 years old. He was only 16 years old at the time.

“The oldest thing I did was … It wasn’t a relationship thing, but it was like … This was before I finished what I’m doing now. But she was 46 years old, ”explained NLE.

After agreeing it was a huge age difference, he continued, “She was bad, though.” He added, “I could have been your son, son.”

He also stated that she looked 22/23 and said, “No surgeries, nothing. Natural black beauty. Black doesn’t crack. “

He also spoke about the effects marijuana has on his body.

“The energy I had after meditating. It was a more calming and relaxed energy. I let my day come to me, type energy, right? As soon as I hit that stump, my fear came back to me. I would reconsider this and that. ”

Since NLE quit smoking, he explained, “Two weeks after I quit smoking, I realized I woke up earlier. My willpower was much better. He went on to say, “I’m happy as a mom that I don’t have to smoke anymore.”

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