NO THANKS: Trump-Hater Bruce Springsteen Seeks ‘ReUnited’ America In SuperBowl Advert

Melodramatic and patronizing corporate television ads are also an important part of the Super Bowl as a Tom Brady appearance, although New Jersey music legend Bruce Springsteen’s obnoxious jeep commercials through ReUnited of America took paternalism to a whole new level.

Given that “The Boss” beat up Trump and his followers (whom he referred to as “bums” and “bloody nightmare”) for nearly five years, his 2021 Jeep Super Bowl ad seemed less of an appeal to them To be unity as one urge Trumpers to carry on with the Democrats’ radical left ambitions for their country.

The advertisement produced by Jeep with the singer “Born to Run” appealed to Americans to find common ground after a controversial presidency of Donald Trump. The setting of the ad was a chapel in Lebanon, Kansas, the exact geographic center of the United States of America. The singer responded to the obvious metaphor with soulful and gloomy words: “Everyone is cordially invited to meet here in the middle. It is no secret that the middle has been difficult to reach lately, between red and blue, between servants and citizens, between our freedom and our fear. “

At the end of the ad, the words “To the ReUnited States of America” ​​flashed on the screen. Oh, back to normal, right?

Of course, millions of Conservatives have for years seen opportunistic Democratic politicians who lied to them about Russian collusion, the first impeachment of Donald Trump (and his second). You’ve seen Dems advocate the protests against Black Lives Matter, which resulted in $ 2 billion worth of property damage and dozens of murders, and the same Conservatives have had the pleasure of being labeled deplorable, racist, and abrasive at every step .

Springsteen, a proud Dem, did his part to demonize these Conservatives by pursuing their presidential candidate. Springsteen blew Trump up a few months before the 2020 election. In an interview with Atlantic, Springsteen described Trump as a “threat to democracy” and added that the then president stood in the way of “any kind of reform” that could result from the then angry protests against the Black Lives Matter.

“I don’t know whether our democracy could withstand his care for another four years. These are all existential threats to our democracy and our American way of life, ”he added in this interview. That means, of course, that the 74 million who voted for Trump are that threat. Oh, but the movement that led to the terrible riots last summer. This is just a necessary reform.

In an episode of his podcast produced just a week before the 2020 election, Springsteen also called the Trump administration a “bloody nightmare” and complained about the “rudderless and joyless” country that Trump and his team were leading. He urged his audience to “vote them out”.

In 2017, Springsteen even went so far as to write a song with anti-Trump lyrics. The Diddy, titled “This Makes Us Great,” called Trump and his supporters “crooks and crooks” and blamed the country for refusing to vote for Hillary Clinton. Springsteen was a candidate for this cycle.

And after all that, do we skip excuses and go straight to oneness? So, because Mr. Springsteen makes his best impression of the ranch standing next to a car that Jeep is trying to sell in a snowy Midwestern landscape, will conservatives forget the past four years have happened? It was just cheap, cynical, and manipulative.

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