Official Paperwork Refute Claims Of Injury By Tyga’s Former Landlord

The Shade Room received exclusive information from Tyga and his real estate agent about a TMZ-reported lawsuit against Tyga’s former landlord, who is suing him for alleged damage and unpaid rent. Tyga claims the information is not what it appears and wants to correct the record.

According to Tyga, whose government name is Michael Stevenson, the alleged claims are false and this is the first time he has heard from the landlord in nearly 7 months since moving out of the property in April 2020. Tyga believes the landlord is trying to get some extra cash from him since a potential buyer for the house stepped down during the process.

In an exclusive document The Shade Room received from Tyga’s real estate agent, Tyga received a letter of recommendation as an Outstanding Tenant, further negating the alleged claims. He lived in the apartment from April 2019 to 2020. The letter of recommendation dated March 12, 2020 states: “During this rental period, he electronically transmitted his rental payments last year on time.” In the letter, Tyga’s time as a tenant was described in detail and declared to be very clean. organized, private, quiet, busy and respectful. They also mentioned that the compound was in excellent condition, if not better, than when it was moved – which is contrary to what was said in the damages claim.

Tyga also claims he took a walk before moving out and everything on the property was perfect. We have received exclusive video footage showing the empty house in good condition. In addition, his $ 58,000 security deposit was left with the landlord. Tyga thinks the landlord is trying to get over him. Again, we will keep you up to date, roommate!

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Exclusive details from Tyga Real Estate Agent

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