‘On The Rocks’, ‘Dangerous Hair’ Hit Streaming, ‘Coming Dwelling Once more’ Debuts – .

The special streaming area will be On the rocks this weekend – so to speak. Sofia Coppola’s father-daughter dramedy will air on Apple TV + on Friday and it seems like the Oscar winner is watching movies with ease.

.-based critic Pete Hammond seems to confirm the feeling that this is going to be a bit more fun than previous images from Coppola writers like her previous film The Beguiled. In his review of the picture’s premiere at the New York Film Festival in September, he wrote, “On the Rocks is more than just a funny, wonderfully funny and clever movie – it’s a much needed one.” Hammond added, “Coppola’s movie is also a bit like a Pre-Pandemic Valentine’s Day in New York City, a reminder of the sheer joy of the Big Apple, and even without Bill Murray to light it up, that would probably be enough. “

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On the Rocks plays Rashida Jones as Laura, a young New York mother who faces some doubts about her marriage. Her larger-than-life Playboy dad Felix (Bill Murray) insists that they investigate – so they do it. When the two begin to roam New York at night, moving from downtown parties to downtown hotspots, their bond as father and daughter grows stronger despite one detour after the other. The film also features Marlon Wayans, Jenny Slate and Jessica Henwick.

Check out the trailer below.

Legendary director Wayne Wang, best known for The Joy Luck Club and Chan is Missing, brings his newest feature Come back home to virtual cinemas and select theaters in the US and Canada.

Based on the New York essay by award-winning Korean-American writer Chang-rae Lee, the family drama follows a character named Chang-rae (Justin Chon), a first-generation Korean who returns to his family home in San Francisco for his ailing mother (Jackie Chung) to worry. All he wants is to fulfill his role as a supportive son and has to deal with his own conflicting feelings.

Chang-rae takes place over a full day and tries – just like his mother – to prepare a traditional Korean New Year’s Eve dinner. The care with which this food is prepared gives him time to reflect on the intense relationship between them. Memories become a door for a woman who was so much more than the mother he thought he knew. As a result, Chang-rae faces the dilemma of living with the permanent scars of unsolved family victims or the risk of opening new wounds if cancer shadows her life.

Wang wanted the dinner Chang-rae prepared to be authentic and very precise. Instead of a fancy restaurant meal, the meal had to be an authentic home meal. Wang had the set and food designed by Chef Corey Lee of San Francisco’s famous Michelin three-star Benu restaurant. During rehearsals, the chef taught the actors proper traditional cooking techniques so they could cook dinner on camera themselves. Basically, this movie is going to get you emotional and hungry at the same time.

There will be a free Q&A livestream with Wayne Wang and Chang-rae Lee and Chef Corey Lee on October 24 at 4 p.m. EST. The discussion will be moderated by Emmy Prize winner Robert Rosenberg.

Coming Home Again premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and is being released by Outsider Pictures and Strand Releasing.

Just in time for Halloween, the lovely White People filmmaker Justin Simien will publish his satirical, socially minded horror Bad hair on Hulu today.

Bad Hair, written and directed by Simien, made its debut on Sundance and was bought by Hulu for a pretty penny (just over $ 8 million). He follows Anna Bludso (breakout star Elle Lorraine), who had a traumatic childhood experience when her scalp was burned by a mild relaxer perm. She looks back on her adult life in 1989 working on a music video television show called Culture, which is the epitome of hip hop and New Jack swing styles. Her life is turned upside down when her dreadlock boss is replaced by Zora (Vanessa Williams), a vicious ex-supermodel who tries to turn things upside down. When she warns Anna about her natural hair, she goes out and has a bougie barber (Laverne Cox) weave her. She looks great and starts to be superb at working with her new hair, but after a while it starts to have a bloody mind of its own – literally.

The film definitely provides Brian De Palma’s energy, but like all good horror films, it is ultimately based on relevant topics that affect modern audiences. With Bad Hair, Simien delves deep into the experience of blacks – especially the experience of black women.

In addition to Lorraine and Williams, Lena Waithe, Jay Pharoah, Kelly Rowland, Blair Underwood, James Van Der Beek and Usher Raymond can also be seen in Bad Hair.

Based on true events in New Jersey in 1928, Radium Girls Next up are sisters Bessie (Joey King) and Jo (Abby Quinn), who spend their days dreaming of places far away as they paint glowing clock faces in the American Radium Factory. When Jo loses a tooth, Bessie’s world turns upside down when they discover that Jo is a victim of radiation poisoning. Bessie befriends two young activists and they uncover a corporate scandal. Bessie and “The Radium Girls” file a lawsuit against American Radium. This landmark case ultimately resulted in permanent occupational health and safety and radioactivity studies.

Radium Girls also play Colby Minifie. It’s the directorial debut of Oscar-nominated producer Lydia Dean Pilcher and filmmaker Ginny Mohler, who wrote the script with Brittany Shaw. The film debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2018 and was originally scheduled to open in theaters in April 2020 before being postponed to October 23. The film will be shown today in selected cinemas and in virtual cinemas.

Set in New Orleans, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead Synchronous This is followed by two best friends, Steve (Anthony Mackie) and Dennis (Jamie Dornan). Both paramedics together answer the call for a series of accidents that are bizarre and gruesome. They think it’s all due to a new party drug, but when Dennis’ eldest daughter suddenly disappears, it goes beyond that. Steve comes across a terrible truth about the supposed psychedelic that questions everything he knows about reality – and the flow of time itself.

The film also features Katie Aselton and Ally Ioannides. Well Go USA is releasing Synchronic in select theaters and drive-ins today.

The Gravitas Ventures film The place without words is a different kind of fantasy. Director Mark Webber stars alongside real-life Mrs. Teresa Palmer and her son Bodhi Palmer in this genre-bending image that uses elements from his real life to enhance his storytelling – much like his previous films Explicit Ills, The End of Love and Flesh and Bone. It is clear that when it comes to filmmaking, he has a clear vision.

In The Place of No Words, he tells an in-depth family story of love, laughter, pain, and death through a fantastic look at mythical forest creatures. The image, which originally premiered at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival, will be shown today in select cinemas and in a range of Reality Cinema films upon request. It’s a sequel to his 2017 film, Flesh and Blood, which also features his real-life family members.

Other films that will open in cinemas and on request are the comedy directed by Nicol Paone Friendsgiving with an all-star cast including Malin Akerman, Kat Dennings, Aisha Tyler, Chelsea Peretti, Christine Taylor, Jane Seymour, Deon Cole, Wanda Sykes and Ryan Hansen. Tyler Taormina also serves up some funny ones with the coming-of-age comedy Ham on rye. After Garrett Bradley debuted in theaters two weeks ago, she brings her poignant documentary with her time to Amazon Prime Video.

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